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Several years ago, I built a website (in Catalan) about the town where I live: Santpedor (Catalonia). I update it frequently .

Among other topics, you will find information about:

  • Landmarks
  • Demographics
  • History
  • Associations & Services
  • Economic data
  • Books about Santpedor
  • Environment
  • Historical pictures


Flowers & Mushrooms

Mostly wild, although there are some cultivated.


Mainly from some areas of Catalonia.

...and other animals

Pictures of different animals, especially insects.

L'Aiguamoll de la Bòbila (wetland area)

There is a small wetland area close to Santpedor. It is called Aiguamoll de la Bòbila because several decades ago there was a brick factory (Bòbila in Catalan) in that place.
Currently it is a unique natural zone where you can see different water birds.
A community of young ornithologists is based in the Aiguamoll.
Birdwatchers are welcome!